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The demolition robots of demolitionrobot.eu

Demolition robots are machines with a very large capacity relative to their size and small weight. They can match demolition cranes of no less than 4 times their own weight. One of the many advantages is the limited size and the light weight of the demolition robot, which becomes especially evident in narrow, hard to reach spaces and on floor parts where only a low floor/point pressure is possible. Our demolition robots are electrically driven, with a 400V 16 t/m 63A connection, depending on the type of demolition robot. The advantage hereof is that no exhaust fumes are produced. If there is no proper power provision present at the demolition location, then we will gladly provide this as well.

The demolition tools to be used are perfectly matched to the machine and have a large production result, because of the large hydraulic capacity of the machine. Also demolition hammers equipped with water sprayers for dust reduction are available. The employment of our demolition robots for the demolition of concrete objects is also very efficient and profitable for you. The employment of demolition robots will give you compared with demolition by hand, among others better results concerning your project budget and planning.

Relative to their demolition capacity demolition robots weigh little, that is why it is possible to work with the machines on floors that are not accessible with conventional machines. For instance our Brokk 100 has a floor/point load of only 385kg/m². Demolition robots are equipped with wheels or caterpillars. The hydraulically operated support legs divide the floor load over a large area.

Because of the 3-part arm, which is practically completely retractable above the machine, the demolition robot has an extreme large reach (up to 7 meters) and it possesses still a lot of strength in all directions, even for the vertical demolition upwards and horizontally to the front. Another extra advantage is that the demolition robot can work from one position over a large demolition surface.

Remotely controlled:
One of the major advantages of demolition robots is that they are controlled remotely via a remote control that works via a cable and/or radio graphically/Bluetooth. Because of this the operator always has an optimal view on the object to be demolished. This does not only increase the safety on the demolition location but also contributes to a faster demolition time. The operator and the other personnel need not be present or have to walk in the direct demolition zone and therefore don’t run the risk of being hit by falling debris. Also the personnel are further removed from the quartz dust source in this manner.

The demolition robot can be equipped with various tools, such as: hacking hammers with integrated water sprayers, concrete crushers for the very low demolition noise of concrete objects to a thickness of 520mm including arming steel to a thickness of Ø28mm, power of 52 ton!, metal shears, dig buckets, sorting grippers, drilling installations and fraises installations.

For more information or to discuss the possibilities for your company please contact us.