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The Brokk 160 demolition robot

With the Brokk 160 Demolitionrobot.eu has made an even larger leap forward, when it concerns a machine with a compact build and impressive force. This lightweight, remotely controlled demolition robot with a very powerful electromotor has an incredible power. The Brokk 160 is suitable for both light and very heavy demolition projects. As with all our demolition robots safety plays a very large role. The Brokk 160 demolition robot is equipped with a very modern digital remote control. Because of this it is possible for us to demolish from a safe distance with a lot of precision. Next to a safe distance between the operator and the object to be demolished, the operator has an optimal view on the demolition object at all times, which promotes the efficiency and the result of the demolition project strongly. With the efficiency, the effectivity, compact build and impressive force of the Brokk 160 demolition robot your demolition projects will be executed quickly and simply by us.

Very low floor/point load is a great advantage:
Because our Brokk 160 is very compact (78cm width, 188cm length, 125cm height) and the weight of the machine is only 1600kg (+/- 1900kg including tools), the machine has only a floor/point load of 466kg/m2 with supports in place, which is very low.

Low noise demolition:
Because our Brokk 160, among others can be equipped with a concrete crusher, concrete elements with a thickness of 420mm, including armouring steel of ∅28mm, can be removed simply, fast and with a very low noise level, while the regular work in for instance a shop or office, can continue.

For more information or to discuss the possibilities for your company please contact us.