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The Brokk 100 demolition robot

The Brokk 100 is the powerful middle class machine from the series of Demolitionrobot.eu. The Brokk 100 is small and very compactly built. Because of its limited size our Brokk 100 can pass through openings that are at least 78 cm wide.

The large step towards demolition versatility:
Power wise the machine can compete with 4 ton cranes; however the Brokk 100 has been built much smaller and is more effective and faster in the execution of the job. Because the powerful electromotor, the hydraulics and the coupled tools are perfectly matched, the output of and the return on the Brokk 100 are much higher than those of the present regularly used machines. In addition the Brokk 100 is entirely emission free, a very big plus among others projects in confined spaces.

Very low floor/point load is a great advantage:
Because our Brokk 100 is very compact (78cm width, 188cm length, 125cm height) and the weight of the machine is only 990kg (+/- 1140kg including tools), the machine has only a floor/point load of 385kg/m2 with supports in place, which is very low.

Low noise demolition:
Because our Brokk 100, among others can be equipped with a concrete crusher, concrete elements with a thickness of 316mm, including armouring steel of ∅20mm, can be removed simply, fast and with a very low noise level, while the regular work in for instance a shop or office, can continue.

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