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Some advantages of the demolition robot

Electrically driven, remotely controllable, production enlarging. Many arguments speak for the employment of the demolition robots of Demolitionrobot.eu. Employ our demolition robots, operated by our expert personnel for you and simplify and speed up your demolition project. The demolition robots of Demolitionrobot.eu are…

  • Easy to transport in one of our delivery vans or on a trailer, thanks to the compact size of the demolition robots. Therefore deep loaders and the related higher transport costs are superfluous.
  • Very convincing because of the dimension between compactness and force. As an example our Brokk 100 demolition robot: this has a weight of only 990kg but can effortlessly match conventional demolition cranes of as much as 4 times its own weight.
  • Optimally employable on floors where only a low floor/point load is possible. Because of the own low weight of the demolition robots they can, among others, actually work on floor parts where this is not possible with the conventional demolition machines. As an example again our Brokk 100 demolition robot; this has in its stamped down formation a floor/point load of 385kg/m2 only, which is very low.
  • Very employable on demolition locations where there is only little to very little space; for example: cellars, sewage systems, unsupported areas, etc. This works entirely emission free!
  • Ideal to be employed in, among others: nursing homes, hospitals, petro chemical industry, food industry, dairy industry, general industry, public institutions, shopping malls, office buildings, airports, etc., this because the demolition robot is electrically driven and therefore is environment friendly and has no diesel exhaust emission and also because the demolition robot works each time from one fixed steady set-up, which makes little replacing necessary to finish a project which is beneficial to the safety.
  • Impressing by the large capacity; the larger capacity of the demolition robots, compared to the conventional demolition machines, is achieved by an integrated, separated hydraulic system that the demolition robots have. Because of this the coupled tool always has an optimal supply/pressure from this hydraulic system. What does this mean? An example: where for a conventional demolition machines a hydraulic pressure of 20 litres per hour is given to the coupled tool, for the demolition robot this is twice the amount; this means that the demolition robots of Demolitionrobot.eu have a larger capacity. Your demolition process will become more efficient, more effective, safer, more sustainable and faster with one of our demolition robots.
  • Make it possible to work at a very limited vibration level. The demolition robots of Demolitionrobot.eu can work at a very limited vibration level. This is achieved by the stationary set-up of the demolition robot. What does this mean? An example: a demolition robot is placed on the site of the demolition project with supports. The lower part of the machine therefore stays on the same location. The upper part with the connected arm of the demolition robot can complete the works in a certain area. The size of this working area is depending on the flight/spread (reach) of the arm. An example being, our Brokk 250 demolition robot. In its supported position this demolition robot can operate in an area of 144m2 or about 1000m3, without having to be relocated! Because the lower part is in a stationary position on one place, this will cause no vibrations to the surface below. By executing the working process, for instance the removal of concrete walls, with one of our coupled concrete crushers even fewer vibrations will emerge. A concrete crusher makes it also possible to demolish with very little noise (+/- 85 dB).
  • To be operated at a big distance with the remote control. The operator and the other personnel on the demolition location therefore don’t have to stand in the danger zone, the demolition zone. This increases the safety on your demolition location considerably for both the personnel as for other aspects within the demolition location. In addition, the operator always has an optimal view on the demolition object because of the use of the remote control. Precision is herewith guaranteed by Demolitionrobot.eu!
  • It can easily be repositioned and can ascend and descend normal stairs on its own. Our Brokk 40 and Brokk 100 demolition robots can even be transported in regular lifts. All our demolition robots can be installed very quickly on a demolition project and can be repositioned very fast too. This makes the demolition robot very flexible and versatile.
  • The demolition robots of demolition robot.nl have an electro-hydraulic drive, 400V [Brokk 40, 16A], [Brokk 100, 32A], [Brokk 160, 250, 260 – 63A]). If the proper power supply is not available on your demolition location, we can provide for it and we will always have the right solution for it.
  • Demolition robots are environment friendly because they are emission free, therefore no diesel exhaust.
  • The demolition robots of Demolitionrobot.eu are multifunctionally employable thanks to the many connectable tools such as: the concrete crusher, hacking hammer, dig buckets, sorting grippers, drilling installations and fraising installations etc.
  • It can be used on practically any location.
  • The demolition robots of Demolitionrobot.eu have a very low noise level, only 83dB. How much is 83dB in general? A normal conversation between two persons, with a slightly raised voice is between 70 and 75dB. It will therefore be clear that 83dB does not amount to much and that our demolition robots contribute to the wellbeing, safety and the health on your demolition project.
  • Versatile, reaches up to 7 meter, favourable expenses, ergonomically, compact with a lot of power.
  • Demolitionrobot.eu can guarantee you that the productive demolition capacity of our demolition robots is always many times higher than a productive hand held demolition capacity. Did you know that working over extended periods with hand hacking hammers causes serious physical complaints for your personnel? This is caused by the long time exposure to hand/arm vibrations and sick leave will certainly not be an exception! The Dutch Arbowet prescribes that one cannot work for more than 2 hours per day with a hand hacking hammer . To exclude the injuries and company damage described above, the employment of a demolition robot is clearly the best choice for you.

In brief: the demolition robots of Demolitionrobot.eu are the most modern demolition machines of this era. Absolutely the right choice! Impossible no longer exists! For more information or to discuss the possibilities for your company please contact us.