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Demolitionrobot.eu is a trade name of Stelling Vroomshoop B.V., a company with over 30 years of experience concerning the execution of drill and sawing works, in asphalt and concrete and specialised demolition works. Next to our specialisation, specialised demolition works by means of a.o. demolition robots, you can also make use of our services regarding the specialties below and our extensive machine park:

  • Specialised demolition works, concrete and masonry, executed with demolition robots (Brokk 40, 100, 160, 250 and 260), operated by our own expert personnel for your large and small projects.
  • Various wire sawing systems for the low noise removal of large concrete parts.
  • Various concrete splitting and pressure systems for removal of heavily armoured concrete parts to almost unlimited thicknesses at a low noise and limited vibration level.
  • Various high power sawing machines for the sawing of concrete walls up to 500mm thickness.
  • Various diesel floor sawing machines.
  • Diamond drill techniques up to 1500mm!
  • Bobcat skid-steer loaders with demolition hammer / bucket / sorting gripper.
  • Various compressors with demolition hammers.
  • Specialisation air pressure tools for the drilling of paling and coupling bars.
  • Power aggregates 5 to 65 Kva.
  • Container vehicle with loading crane 19T/M (operator will be certified with a TCVT lifting permit)

Demolitionrobot.eu can also provide professional (demolition) made-to-measure work, especially for your project. An example hereof is the provision of containment spaces with under-pressure and/or over-pressure to achieve very dust-poor demolition.

If your project has the extra requirement that machines should be equipped with ”non marking tracks” or ”non marking tires” (special rubber tracks and/or tires that do not leave stripes on the ground), demolitionrobot.eu can meet with this requirement.

In brief: our services and professional way of working, while thinking along with the client, are absolutely the right choice for you. Impossible no longer exists! For more information or to discuss the possibilities for your company please contact us.