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Company objective

Demolitionrobot.eu has the objective to provide a much focused approach to the regulations regarding the execution of demolition works and renovation works which are becoming stricter all the time. This we do by means of, among others, the employment of the very newest and most modern demolition machines, demolition robots, on the Dutch, Belgian and German market. The objective behind this is to bring both the present conventional demolition and renovation techniques and the present demolition and renovation possibilities in general to a higher and better level.

Requirements concerning matters like the environment, labour conditions, safety and a thorough company quality system as a preparation for a demolition or renovation process assume an ever increasing role. Demolitionrobot.eu takes the criteria above into account as described below:


A demolition robot works emission free, because it is driven electrically. This means that the environment is not affected as it would by diesel exhaust as the case it with the conventional demolition machines. Furthermore, demolition robots can be used indoors, even on the most difficult confined locations without the personnel or other persons on the demolition location being bothered by an emission. Demolitionrobot.eu works according to the principle to separate waste materials that are released during the demolition process on the location itself. As a consequence the subsequent waste processing process will be simpler, and can be completed with less handling which is beneficial to the environment.

Labour conditions:

Because Demolitionrobot.eu works with advanced machines like demolition robots the (physical) labour conditions for the executing personnel of Demolitionrobot.eu and the other personnel on the demolition location are many times better than with a traditional demolition by hand method. By the machine based and remotely controllable demolition the personnel will not get directly in touch with hazardous vibrations and so forth. In brief: better labour conditions, considerably less sick leave and more safety on the demolition location.


Safety ranks highly at Demolitionrobot.eu. Before we commence with a demolition the possible risks of the project will be mapped by Demolitionrobot.eu. This is done in order to exclude or strongly reduce these possible risks to an acceptable minimum. The personnel of Demolitionrobot.eu will at all times use PBM’s (personal protection items). Safety shoes, helmet, safety goggles, gloves and a fluorescent shirt or clear company clothing will be mandatory on the demolition location at all times.

Quality system:

In relation to the regulations regarding the execution of specialized demolition works and becoming stricter all the time, drill and sawing works as well as the execution of all company processes of Demolitionrobot.eu, Demolitionrobot.eu highly values a thorough company quality system, both internally and externally. In order to serve you as a client in an optimal manner, Demolitionrobot.eu is of the opinion that its own company management of Demolitionrobot.eu, as well as the own company processes, need to be in perfect order. To achieve a good internal company quality system makes Demolitionrobot.eu find it important that all formalities, or the entire administration, calculation, work preparation, project management and execution are recorded in the correct manner. This is required both digitally as well as physically in archive binders and work/project folders. The personnel of Demolitionrobot.eu are continuously held at the most recent level concerning training and education. Demolitionrobot.eu pays a lot of attention to the maintenance for best use of all the own material, by means of our own modern well equipped work shop. This is so that we can guarantee you, the client, always the proper employability with the best possible quality.


To support the matters described above, such as: environment, labour conditions, safety and the warrantees of a thorough quality system concerning the company management and execution of the works even more so, certifications play a large role in our enterprise Demolitionrobot.eu.

At present we are in the possession of the Certifications set forth below:

  • VCA *
  • BRL 0509 (the installation of constructive anchors in hardened concrete).

At present we are in the process of obtaining the Certifications set forth below:

  • VCA **
  • ISO 9001:2000
  • BRL SVMS 007, safe and environmentally expert demolition.