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Demolitionrobot.eu is a trade name of Stelling Vroomshoop B.V., a company with over 30 years experience concerning the execution of drill and sawing works in asphalt and concrete and also specialised demolition works. Reliable and an expert with considerable experience in combination with a professional execution of work are the characteristics of our company. We are BRL 0509 certified (the installation of constructive anchors in hardened concrete).

Our extensive program includes numerous drill and sawing systems and models. Furthermore, we are involved on a daily basis with the development and adaptation of machines and tools, in order to be able to work as fast and professionally as possible, so that you can quickly continue with your successive works.

Advanced techniques and preciseness warrant a constant quality and service. Next to these works we have other specialties, such as precision demolition of road joints, concrete demolition works, hydraulic splitting of concrete, roughing up concrete, concrete polishing, anchor gluing and the sealing of shrink and extension seams in concrete floors, roads, bicycle paths and roundabouts.

We have a team of well trained, polite and very professional employees with very modern equipped service vans, that have all been fitted with their own water and electricity supply so that they are prepared for expected and unexpected situations. At Stelling Vroomshoop B.V. and demolitionrobot.eu you are ensured of expertise and our trusted fast service!

In view of the regulations regarding demolition works becoming stricter all the time, Stelling Vroomshoop B.V. has started with the company activity: demolitionrobot.eu

On this website you will see an overview of the services we can provide. For more information or to discuss the possibilities for your company please contact us.