Marketleader in emission free demolition projects

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Demolition robots are real problemsolvers is a trade name of Stelling Vroomshoop B.V., a company with over 30 years of experience concerning the execution of drill and sawing works, in asphalt and concrete and specialised demolition works.

Demolition robot advantages

  • Electrically driven
  • Safe and responsible demolition
  • Emission free
  • Almost no limits in flexibility and access
  • Remote controlled
  • Up to 2000kg
  • 78 cm transport width
  • Compact machines, great power can also provide professional (demolition) made-to-measure work, especially for your project. An example hereof is the provision of containment spaces with under-pressure and/or over-pressure to achieve very dust-poor demolition.

If your project has the extra requirement that machines should be equipped with ”non marking tracks” or ”non marking tires” (special rubber tracks and/or tires that do not leave stripes on the ground), can meet with this requirement.